Global Presence

New Flyer of America

From European companies with major operations here to local businesses that export goods and services, this quaint Midwestern city has serious commercial connections all throughout the globe.
Geringhoff Expands U.S. Presence
German farm equipment-maker Geringhoff wanted to expand with a manufacturing facility in North America. High on their selection criteria were shovel-ready locations and a workforce experienced in advanced manufacturing. During the site selection process, Geringhoff considered 9 separate regions in North America and visited more than 40 factories but quickly centered the search on St. Cloud.

And Geringhoff found a favorable list of reasons to select St. Cloud: 
  • 80-year-old mill that had been converted into a state-of-the-art facility became available
  • Well-established network of 65 relevant suppliers in fabricated metal, advanced plastics production, hydraulics and electronic components
  • More than 30,000 local workers trained at St. Cloud State University and five regional technical training institutions
  • German heritage that fit well with the German-based company’s work ethic and their culture
The St. Cloud EDA – along with a coalition of regional support from the St. Cloud Economic Development Authority, St. Cloud State University and St. Cloud Technical and Community College – also work to make Geringhoff’s expansion possible with assistance in site selection, financing, development process and connecting with area suppliers. St. Cloud’s proximity to local suppliers has been credited with winning them this project.
New Flyer America $5M Expansion
Anyone who has flown in the recent past has likely been on one of the medium-sized, low floor (MiDi) buses manufactured in St. Cloud, thanks to an expanded 350,000 square foot New Flyer facility.

Already the leading manufacturer of heavy-duty transit buses in Canada and the United States, New Flyer wanted to diversify with a new line of MiDi buses. "Hotel shuttles and airport shuttles are good examples where they need a bus, but maybe not quite the size of our 40- and 60-foot models," said Amy Schreiner, MiDi program manager.

They accomplished this product line expansion through a joint venture with U.K. based Alexander Dennis Ltd and assistance from the St. Cloud EDA. The City and our various economic development partners worked with New Flyer on a job training and financing package that included support. To help facilitate the 136 new jobs, New Flyer launched a training program with help from St. Cloud Technical and Community College that will train almost all employees in basic and advanced skills needed to build the buses.