Fastest Growing Workforce

The St. Cloud region attracts a highly skilled and educated workforce from over 280,000 people from the entire St. Cloud MSA and beyond. Our central location in the state, large number of businesses and a significant number of higher education offerings lead to sustaining and expanding a highly skilled pool of employees.

Skilled Workforce
  • 67% have attended or graduated from college
  • 35,000 college and technical training students
  • 32,866 come into St. Cloud from the region to work
  • 67.9% of people live and work in the St. Cloud MSA
  • Nearly 75% of our residents (34,241) commute less than 24 minutes
  • The health care and social assistance industry pays an average annual wage of $51,844 for the City, which is 12.9% more than the Minnesota average.
  • Top industries for employment and average wage:
Industry % of Total Employment Average Wage
Healthcare/Social Assistance 18% $26.14
Manufacturing 15% $15.73
Retail 13% $11.79
Education 8% $20.63
Hospitality/Food Services 8% $9.09

Low Cost of Living

Based on some of the common costs for a family of three (two adults with a child), St. Cloud is significantly lower than Minneapolis. When coupled with the large number of employment opportunities, St. Cloud is ideal place to live, work, and play.  
City Housing Taxes Food Childcare Healthcare Transportation Total 2015 Cost
St. Cloud $741 $277 $743 $214 $391 $947 $42,900
Minneapolis $1,022 $549 $794 $630 $411 $994 $55,845
*Based on 2015 Minnesota DEED Labor Mark Information for Hennepin County (Minneapolis) and an average of Stearns and Benton County (St. Cloud).