Public Swimming Pools

The City of St. Cloud licenses public swimming pools, spas/whirlpools at recreational facilities, apartment buildings, hotels and city parks.

Apply for a license

If purchasing an existing facility with a swimming pool or spa/whirlpool, licenses are not transferable. A license must be obtained before operating. License Application Packet

New Construction & Alterations to Existing Pools

A public pool must not be constructed or altered until plans and specifications have been submitted and approved by the Engineer at MN Department of Health. Once construction is complete and the site is approved by the Engineer then the applicant can request inspection from an Environmental Health Specialist from the City of St. Cloud Health and Inspections Department.

Pool Review - MN Department of Health


The City of St. Cloud Health and Inspections is authorized to conduct inspections and water testing as necessary to ensure the safe operation of pools, spas and whirlpools.

 Minnesota Pool Code Chapter 4717

  1. Chemistry
  2.  Operation
  3. Responsibilities
  4. Safety
The water is required to be tested daily with an approved test kit to ensure that pool water chemistry is kept within predetermined standards. Test water chemistry daily and record test results in a water quality log.

Additional Resources

Report a Concern

If you suspect that you have become sick with a waterborne illness,please contact the hotline: 1-877-366-3455