Strategically located in Central Minnesota, St. Cloud offers all major transportation networks a company requires, whether it be road, rail and air.
Freight Rail
Historic growth of St. Cloud can be attributed to the rail lines that once transported ore from the city's many quarries.  Today, BNSF Railway and Northern Lines Railway operate active rail lines in St. Cloud, many that carry local ore, as well as Bakken crude oil from North Dakota.  To  learn more about BNSF Railway, click here.  To l earn more about Northern Lines Railway, click here.
St. Cloud has a well-developed local roadway network with access to I-94, U.S. Hwy. 10 and MN Highways 15 and 23, which provide excellent mobility and regional travel to and from Minneapolis (60 miles), Central Minnesota, and North Dakota (160 miles).

Passenger Rail

St. Cloud is serviced by the Amtrak Empire Builder Line.  The route, which runs from the Pacific Northwest to Chicago, includes a stop at the historic St. Cloud Amtrak station located on the City's east side.  To learn more about Amtrak, click here.

Future rail service from St. Cloud to Minneapolis may occur through the extension of the Northstar Commuter Rail Line.  Initial plans proposed expanding service to St. Cloud from its current terminus at Big Lake.  To learn more about the Northstar Commuter Rail Line, click here.

Public Transportation

St. Cloud has a robust and award-winning public transportation system operated by the St. Cloud Metropolitan Transit Commission (Metro Bus).  The Metro Bus system runs 17 year-round fixed route bus lines that serve the greater St. Cloud area and operates routes that specifically serve student and faculty transit riders at St. Cloud State University.  On average Metro Bus serves 2 million riders annually.  To learn more about Metro Bus, click here.

The Northstar Link is a commuter bus line that provides express bus service from St. Cloud to Big Lake.  From Big Lake, commuters can transfer to the Northstar Commuter Rail with service to Minneapolis.  To learn more about the Northstar Link, click here.

For interstate travel, St. Cloud is serviced by Jefferson Lines, a private charter bus company.  Jefferson Lines connects travelers from St. Cloud to areas throughout the Midwest and south to Texas, with service to local college and universities, including St. Cloud State University.  To learn more about Jefferson Lines, click here.
St. Cloud Regional Airport
In 1970, the St. Cloud Regional Airport was opened three miles east of downtown St. Cloud.  Today, the publicly operated airport services private and commercial air markets.  Allegiant Air offers flights to Phoenix and reportedly filled 87% of their seats in 2014.  More than 60,000 passenger trips occurred at the airport in 2014, which exceeds enplanements projected at that time.  To learn more about the St. Cloud Regional Airport, click here.  To learn more about Allegiant Air, click here.