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  1. Annual Hydrant Inspection and Maintenance Begins

    St. Cloud will be conducting annual hydrant inspection and maintenance from October to December. Read on...
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Explore the City’s Solar Energy Sites and Lake George Improvements

City of Saint Cloud's Solar Energy Sites

Take a virtual tour of the City of St. Cloud's sources of solar energy. The City gets solar energy from solar arrays mounted on city-owned properties as well as community solar gardens. Take the tour and explore the solar energy sites here. 

Lake George Improvements

Lake George is a  centerpiece and gathering place for our local community. Learn more about what St. Cloud has been doing to ensure water quality and keep Lake George a vibrant and beautiful part of our city by going to our Lake George Water Quality Improvement Storymap.

Aerial Photo of the  St. Cloud Wastewater Treatment Facility and it's Solar Farm
Small lake surrounded by a park and homes with businesses and river in background

Phosphorous Recovery at the St. Cloud Nutrient, Energy, and Water Recovery Facility

MN PFA, Other City Projects

The Clean Water SRF is supported through a combination of federal capitalization grants from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, state matching funds, loan repayments, and bond proceeds from PFA revenue bonds. Since 1989, Minnesota's Clean Water SRF has received $744 million in federal funds. These funds have been leveraged almost 4 to 1 by the PFA to award more than 500 wastewater loans totaling over $2.8 billion.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Public Utilities Department is to provide utility services to our customers in a safe, cost-effective manner, while providing excellent customer service and protecting the environment.