Residential Reside Permit (Electronic Submittal)

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This re-side permit application is for single family dwellings, two family dwellings (duplex) and townhomes ONLY or the accessory structures associated with them.

For townhomes - EACH individual addressed townhome requires its own permit.

This is an application only, NOT A PERMIT, the permit will need to be picked up and paid for before any work can begin. The contact person will be notifed when the permit is ready, this can take up to 2 business days.

The permit applicant must be the property owner or a licensed contractor (licensed with the State of Minnesota), and must sign the bottom of the permit. If a contractor is doing the work we HIGHLY recommend they obtain the permit. Whomever obtains the permit is responsible for the work.

If the home is in the City of St. Cloud historic district, HPC approval is required, please contact the Planning Department at 320-255-7218 with any questions.

If you have any additional questions on building permits please contact the Building Safety Department at 320-255-7239.

Contractor Information
(Only if contractor is pulling the permit, contractor must sign application)

Applicant Signature
Signature Must be Property Owner or Licensed Contractor
(Whomever is pulling the permit)
By typing my name below I hereby apply for a building permit and acknowledge that the information above is complete and accurate; and that THIS IS NOT A PERMIT. I state that all work herein will be done in accordance with the ordinances of the City of St. Cloud, the State of Minnesota, and rulings of the Building Safety Department. The person doing the work shall call for the inspections and a 24-hour notice is required. Permits become void if work does not begin within 180 days or is suspended at any time for over 180 days.
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