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St. Cloud Neighbor of the Month

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  2. Do you have a neighbor who goes the extra mile for the residents of your street, your neighborhood, or for the community? The Neighbor of the Month recognition program gives you the opportunity to recognize those individuals for their acts of good will and call attention in a positive way to the benefits of being a good neighbor.

  3. Your neighbor can be any age or background; he or she may be a youth, a teenager, a senior citizen, a longtime resident, or a newcomer that makes a positive difference in your neighborhood. Whether known by everyone in the neighborhood or an unsung hero, your good neighbor is a person who does special things to make your neighborhood a better place.

  4. 1) Must be a resident of the City of St Cloud.
    2) May not be employed by the City of St Cloud.
    3) Nominated activity may not be part of any paid employment.
    4) Nomination must be to honor some family or some group that makes a positive contribution at the neighborhood level without seeking recognition for their services

  5. Nominations must be received by the third Monday of the month for recognition during the following month.

  6. Addresses, phone numbers and email addresses are for the City of St. Cloud's use only and will not be published or announced.

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