City Administration

Form of Government
The City of St. Cloud operates under a home rule charter that establishes a mayor-council form of government. The Mayor is the chief executive officer of the city and is responsible for policy administration, with the assistance of an appointed professional administrator - the city administrator.

The hybrid form of government combines the strong policy leadership of elected officials with the professional expertise of an appointed chief administrative officer.

Administration Role
According to the City Code and under the direction of the Mayor, the City Administrator is responsible for the control and supervision of the administrative affairs of the government. The City Administrator can issue manuals, orders, rules, and directives consistent with the charter, city ordinance, and city policy. The City Administrator is responsible for making recommendations to the Mayor and City Council for the city's well being.

In addition, the city administrator keeps the Mayor and Council advised of the financial condition of the city. The City Administrator prepares the city's budget, supervised city employees, makes personnel recommendations, manages City Council agendas and coordinates strategic planning and strategic efforts, coordinates purchases and projects, communicates and collaborates with other governments, and provides overall direction and guidance to the organization.

The city organization structure includes the City Council, Mayor, City Administrator, 6 sections, and 2 administrative departments as indicated in the organizational chart (PDF).