River's Edge Convention Center Parking Ramp

General Information
  • Address: 10 4th Avenue South
  • Attendant Booth Hours: Office staffed only during events at the River's Edge Convention Center
  • Attendant Booth Phone: 320-255-7278 (answered only during events)
  • Vehicle Entry: 4th Avenue South
  • Vehicle Exit: 4th Avenue South
  • Ramp Clearance: 7 feet
  • Number of Parking Stalls: 336
  • Number of Levels: 2
All rates include applicable sales tax
  • Daily Parking: $1 fee paid to parking machine for non-event day parking with a maximum time of 24 hours
  • Event Parking: $5
  • Contract or Permit Parking: Not available
  • Overnight or Extended Stay Parking: Contact Ramp Management at 320-251-8075 or 320-267-7717.
  • Event Parking Passes: Contact the River's Edge Convention Center at 320-650-2717 or 320-255-7272.