Rental Training Program

St. Cloud Rental Property Training for Rental Licensing in St. Cloud 


Thursday, October 10, 2019 - 8:00 am to 12:30 pm.

Download the PDF Application or Register online.

Thursday, December 12, 2019 - 4:30 pm to 9:00 pm.

Download the PDF Application Register online.

Registrations are not accepted by telephone call for any of these training sessions.


Attendees should be aware that cellular telephones and other communications devices are required to be turned off while in the training room. Texting and other uses during the sessions are distraction to others in attendance. Adequate breaks are provided for the use of these devices outside of the training room.

The St. Cloud Rental Property Training curriculum is designed for rental licensing in the City of St. Cloud. The training curriculum is not structured or appropriate for compliance with rental licensing training requirements in other municipalities.


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