Wading Pools & Splash Pads

Splash Pads
Splash Pads are currently closed for the season. We will reopen mid-May, 2015.

Need to cool off? Look no further than 1 of our 3 neighborhood splash pads. Splash Pads generally run from early May to mid-September. Admission is Free!


  • Riverside Park, 1725 Kilian Boulevard
  • Lake George, 1101 7th Street South
  • Westwood Park, 720 Driftwood Drive
Splash Pad
Wading Pools
Wading pools are closed for the season. We will reopen June 2015.

Another great way to cool off in summer is to stop by a neighborhood wading pool. You can find one of our pools, staffed with a lifeguard, available at the following locations between mid-June and mid-August, Tuesdays through Sundays, from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Centennial Park Wading Pool: 1725 Centennial Drive, Admission is Free.
  • S.side Park Wading Pool: 805 - 13th St. S., Admission is Free.
  • Pantown Park Wading Pool: 2915 - 9th St. N., Admission is Free.
  • Rotary Park Wading Pool: 1507 Goettens Way, Admission is Free.
  • Spalt / St. Cloud Park Wading Pool: 413 - 3rd Avenue NE, Admission is Free.
  • Hester Park Wading Pool: 1020- 6th St. N.. Admission is Free.
  • Seberger Park Polar Bear Pool: 2001 - 2nd St. N., Admission is $2.25.