COVID-19 Building Department Updates

This page will include information specific to the Building Safety Department and changes to procedure during the Outbreak.  Please see the Coronavirus Information page for Citywide updates.

3/26/2020 1 p.m.:

Good afternoon, I know there are a lot of questions on the impact of the new order from the Governor (Executive Order 20-20) on construction inspections. At this point we believe we will continue inspections, but we are still researching this. The way you schedule inspections might change, but nothing is definite yet. If/when something changes we will send out another email, you can also find our updates here:

Starting Monday, with the required closure of City Hall, all business will have to take place via email or phone calls (with the exception of inspections). You can find the Departments contact information here:

Thank you for your patience while we work through the logistics of this new order.

3/17/2020 4 p.m.:

Currently, we are going to continue our inspections and plan reviews as close to normal as possible. Please reach out to us to set your inspections as usual. We may ask if you and or your crew are feeling well and practicing social distancing during inspections to the best of our abilities. If there are illnesses at construction sites, in order to protect our employees and you, we will ask you to re-schedule inspections as needed. However, inspections still must occur before covering work just as normal.

City Hall as of March 18th , tomorrow, will be open to visitors by pre-arranged appoints only, please utilizes online, fax and phone calls as much as possible. If necessary please pre-arrange an appointment by calling Sheri at 320-255-7239.

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