Adult Sports

Sports for Adults

  • Pickle Ball is an aerobic court sport played on a badminton size court over a three foot net with hard paddles and whiffle type ball. Courts can be found at the Whitney Recreation Center (1529 Northway Drive), or check out our new outdoor courts at Calvary Hill Park (1800 17th Street South). 
  • Softball Whitney Park is the venue for Men's, Women's, Church, and Co-Rec softball throughout the summer and fall. Teams are sanctioned by the Minnesota Sports Federation and all games are officiated by MSF trained umpires. Teams play a 12 game round robin league schedule followed by double elimination playoffs.
  • Volleyball Adult Mens, Womens, and Co-Rec volleyball teams compete in Fall, Winter, and Spring leagues at the Whitney Recreation Center. Teams may choose to compete in recreational or power leagues. Winter Leagues are officiated by MSF trained referees. Spring and Fall leagues are self officiated.


Registration for Adult Volleyball or Softball can be accomplished in person at the Whitney Recreation Center (1529 Northway Drive) or the Lake George Municipal Complex (1101 7th Street South); by fax to 320-255-7282; by phone to 320-257-5959 or online.