The Forestry Division provides forestry-related services of all public parks, streets, boulevards, and other properties to foster a healthy, safe, and viable urban forest.

Services & Programs
Tasks of the Forestry Division include:
  • Identifying and notifying the public of Dutch Elm Disease, Oak Wilt, dangerous and/or hazardous private trees and to remove / dispose as defined by city ordinance
  • Inspecting, identifying, removing, and disposing of dead and diseased trees and stumps from city properties and city right of way as required
  • Maintaining a public tree inventory
  • Planning, planting, pruning, and trimming all public trees in the city parks, boulevards, alleys, and public lands as required
  • Processing tree trimmings into wood chips, firewood, and landscape mulch for city use
  • Providing for the Noxious Weed Inspector Program
  • Providing tree repair and cleanup of tree damage debris caused by storms