Electrical Projects

Electrical Project Information

Electrical permits are needed for any installation, alteration, repair, relocation, replacement, or addition to any wiring, equipment, or fixtures associated with the electrical system.

Information for Homeowners

Homeowners who are doing their own work must own and occupy the residence, and the property cannot be used for any rental or daycare purposes.

Obtaining a Permit

To obtain an Electrical Permit you must be an electrical contractor licensed with the State of Minnesota or the owner of the property (single-family dwelling only).

Electrical Permit Information

Permits shall expire 12 months after issuance. Please remember to call for all required electrical inspections.

Electrical Permit Application Form

Download the Electrical Permit Application to be printed.  You can either fax, email to sheri.wolhart@ci.stcloud.mn.us, or mail the completed application to the City.  You cannot currently submit permit applications electronically, this will be available sometime in the future.

Electrical Permit Fees

For electrical fee information, see the Section 550 - Electrical Inspection Fee Schedule (PDF).
Solar PV Installation Electrical Inspection Fees http://www.dli.mn.gov/ccld/PDF/solar_fees.pdf

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