1. Animal Problems

    Report Animal Control problems.

  2. Code Violations

    Report any code violations.

  3. Community Concerns

    Report a Community Concern.

  4. Foodborne Illness

    Report a foodborne illness.

  5. Graffiti (PDF)

    Learn how to help prevent graffiti.

  6. Human Rights Issue

    Report a Human Rights issue.

  7. Illicit Discharge

    Report any illicit discharges.

  8. Lost & Found Animals

    Let us know if you've found an animal or lost an animal.

  9. Potholes

    Report a pothole.

  10. Sidewalk Snow Removal

    Report uncleared city sidewalks.

  11. Street Light Outage

    Report a burned out street light.

  12. Traffic Signal Issues

    Report a malfunctioning traffic signal.

  13. Tree Issues

    Report a problem with a City tree or a diseased or dangerous tree.

  14. Victim Services

    Learn what victim services are available to you.