Validated Residences - CAPS District

Validated Residences

These residences have met nationally recognized Crime Prevention premises and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) standards that are recommended by the St. Cloud Police Department to be considered a CPTED Validated Residence within the Campus Area Police Service (CAPS) District. 

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House Number     Street/Avenue/Road               Contact                               Telephone Number

         343                6th Avenue South                     Nancy Loidolt                      651-235-3709
         348                6th Avenue South                     Nancy Loidolt                      651-235-3709
         420                6th Avenue South                     Michael Noble                     320-217-9958
        1102               6th Avenue South                     Brian Murphy                      320-309-7273
         727                8th Avenue South                     Nancy Loidolt                      651-235-3709
         802                8th Avenue South                     Nancy Loidolt                      651-235-3709
         803                8th Avenue South                     Brian Murphy                      320-309-7273
         819                8th Avenue South                     Nancy Loidolt                      651-235-3709
         926                8th Avenue South                     Brian Murphy                      320-309-7273
         1017              8th Avenue South                     Lynn Dykhuizen                  320-267-1533
         1026              8th Avenue South                     Brian Murphy                      320-309-7273
         814                8th Street South                        Brian Murphy                      320-309-7273
         522                11th Street South                      Brian Murphy                      320-309-7273 
         526                11th Street South                      Brian Murphy                      320-309-7273 
         530                11th Street South                      Mike Nefs                            320-309-0715
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